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Hearing loss in a family member

In Australia about 3.6 million people have some level of hearing loss. Noise exposure is one of the biggest causes of preventable hearing loss. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children have a much higher rate of ear disease than other children, which can result in hearing loss.

As Australia’s population ages, we expect the number of people with a hearing impairment to double to an estimated 7.8 million people in 2060 according to Government estimates.

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Stroke in working age adults

30% of all strokes in Australia affect working age adults (those under 65). The impact can be significant in the lives of breadwinners and those in employment at the time of stroke.

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Undiagnosed Thyroid Disorders

Statistics show that over 1 million Australians are living with an undiagnosed thyroid disorder. In this Recover/Me episode on Thyroid Disorders, in partnership with The Australian Thyroid Foundation, the consumer audience is made aware Thyroid Disorders affect all Australians of all age groups and demographics.

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Childhood Microtia
Sebastian’s Story

Microtia and atresia is a rare congenital condition affecting one in every 10,000 births and where one or both ears are missing or when the outer ear has not fully developed. 10 year old Sebastian was born with right side Microtia Atresia and in 2019 had ear reconstruction surgery.

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Type 2 Diabetes control through diet and exercise

Warren Bingham was one individual who didn’t have symptoms and was unaware he had Type 2 Diabetes. In this interview he talks about his initial conversation with his GP and the treatment options available. Today Warren is on a diet and exercise controlled lifestyle to manage his condition. He opted to follow this change in behaviour and was able to avoid needing medication for type 2 diabetes.

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International Clinical
Trials Day 2020

Colleen worked in the fashion industry throughout her successful career. She talks about recent ground-breaking treatment that has given back her confidence and ability to keep a steady hand in day-to-day tasks. Today she lives in Melbourne with her husband Reg, and volunteers at Epworth Hospital in Richmond, Victoria.

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