Hearing loss in a family member

Lauren McNee, clinical audiologist at Audika, says loved ones play a crucial role in supporting clients on their journey to hearing health.

Here are some tips from Lauren for broaching the topic with empathy:

  1. Make sure you have their attention before you start talking, a good way is to use their name.
  2. Suggest going with them to do the hearing test and do it together!
  3. If you have had to translate/repeat a conversation whilst out, have a gentle conversation about it once you get home.
  4. Provide examples, in a kind way, such as the TV volume etc you prefer.
  5. Always go with your loved ones to appointments so you hear advice and understand the recommendations made by the clinician. 

By approaching the conversation with empathy and employing these communication strategies, you can effectively connect with your family member who has hearing loss and make the interaction more meaningful for both of you.


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