Childhood Microtia
Sebastian’s Story

Microtia and atresia is a rare congenital condition affecting one in every 10,000 births and where one or both ears are missing or when the outer ear has not fully developed. 10 year old Sebastian was born with right side Microtia Atresia and in 2019 had ear reconstruction surgery.

His surgeon Dr Joe Dusseldorp used modern technology to 3D print a replica ear, before connecting it to the Sebastian’s head. Parents Carlos and Shirley’s talked to Recover/Me about their son Sebastian, 9 years of age at the time of the operation, being only the second person to have the procedure done with Dr Dusseldorp in Australia.

Microtia Awareness Day dedicates November 9th to spreading hope and knowledge concerning a congenital disability, which derives its name from the Latin terms for little ears.


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