International Clinical
Trials Day 2020

Today is International Clinical Trials Day 2020. The day commemorates the day James Lind started his study to determine the cause of scurvy. By dividing 12 sailors into separate groups and testing the effect of providing different treatments to each group, Lind was able to provide evidence of the link between fruit and preventing scurvy. This is the first recorded controlled clinical trial and changed modern medicine. Around the world International Clinical Trials Day is celebrated to raise awareness of the importance of clinical trials and research in healthcare.

Today we hear from Christine Zahren Co-Founder and Director of White Coats Foundation about the importance of involving the public in clinical trials either as patients with existing health conditions as well as healthy volunteers. She also shares where information on clinical trials can be found; namely through government sites, speaking with people in healthcare and ClinTrial Refer, a mobile app, that can search clinical trials across Australia and New Zealand.


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