Type 2 Diabetes control through diet and exercise

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare an estimated 5% of the Australian population (1 million Australian adults), reported they had type 2 diabetes in 2017–18, according to self-reported data from the ABS 2017–18 National Health Survey.

Information based on self-reported data only is likely to underestimate the prevalence of type 2 diabetes as many cases remain unreported, due to survey participants either not knowing or accurately reporting their diabetes status.

Warren Bingham was one individual who didn’t have symptoms and was unaware he had Type 2 Diabetes. In this interview he talks about his initial conversation with his GP and the treatment options available. Today Warren is on a diet and exercise controlled lifestyle to manage his condition. He opted to follow this change in behaviour and was able to avoid needing medication for type 2 diabetes.

Warren is the ambassador for Diabetes NSW & ACT.
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Recover/Me patient stories are for awareness purposes only. Results may not be typical. Always consult your health care professional to understand your symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options.

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